b"GUT HEALTHWe feed our gut microbiome through the variety of foods we eat and, in return, our microbes will give us a range of health benefits.METABOLISM GUT BACTERIAMICROBIOME Our energy management system.Our gut bacteria are the many microorganisms A microbiome is the community ofA healthy metabolism means werethat live in our gut. Overall, a higher ratio of microorganisms that live in our body,responding to food effectively, using'good' to 'bad' bacteria in the gut is a marker of including bacteria, fungi and viruses.it, and storing it as needed. We cangut health.The majority of these live in our gut,maintain an efficient metabolism by or what we call the gut microbiome.eating foods that work for our body,LIVE CULTURESWe feed our gut microbiome throughmaintaining good gut health, and the variety of foods we eat and, ingetting regular exercise and sleep. Live cultures are living microorganisms that return, our microbes will give us aare present in foods such as kefir, kimchi, and range of health benefits. ConsumingPOLYPHENOLS yogurt, which are involved in fermentation. a diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics means youll be nurturing your gutA group of diverse compounds found microbiome. Your microbes will createin plant foods like fruit, vegetables,DISCOVER MOREbeneficial chemicals that work acrosslegumes, herbs and spices. Foods richTake the next step on your gut health the body to support your immunein polyphenols may help stimulate thejourney and unlock your free ZOE gut system, mental health, metabolicgrowth of beneficial gut bacteria. health guide at ZOE.com/gutshot health, hormones, and much more.THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE9"