b'GUT HEALTHSTART YOUR DAYTHE GOODGUT WAYEasy ideas to whip upa breakfast that helpsyou thrive on the insideKEFIRFermented foods can contain live bacteriatry starting your daywith some tangy kefir (cultured yogurt). Our ZOE x M&S FoodGut Shot is also kefir-based, soone daily bottle is a great wayto kick-start your morning, too. FROZEN BERRIES Stocking your freezer with fruit iscost-effective and means you can quickly and easily whip up a brekkie that tastes as good as it lookstry our frozen mixed berries in store. COLOURFUL FRUITStudies show eating a varietyof colours could help nurture a healthy gut, so load up your bowl with fruits in a rainbow of hues.MIXED SEEDSAdding a handful of mixedseeds and nuts will also help youup the plant diversity in your bowl. Top tips for a healthy gut from1 2 3 4 5Eat a wide variety ofEat the rainbow. AimEat more fermentedAim to eat 30 differentBe snack savvy. fibre-containing foods,to enjoy a diverse foods. Try to eat someplants a week. This Swapping out snacks like wholegrains, fruitrange of different such as kimchi, kefir,can include herbs,like chips or sweetsand vegetables andcoloured plants kombucha andspices, nuts, seeds,for mixed nuts, a legumes. Foods likethese types of foodssauerkrautevery day.wholegrains, legumeshandful of berries or these help to feed theare rich in fibre, whichThey naturally containand mushrooms. Turnsome colourful sliced bacterial species in our good gutfriendly bacteria andto page 10 for loads ofpeppers will help you our gut. microbes love. some also contain fibre.easy tips and ideas. eat a more diverse diet.THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE7'