b"WELCOMEReady to make 2024 your healthiest yet, but not sure where to start? At M&S Food, we've made it easier than ever to make healthy choices, with an exciting array of exclusive new products landing right across our Foodhall this month.To help you learn more, we've assembled a team of leading health experts, from qualified nutritionists to world-renowned food scientists, to bust the myths, decode the jargon and unpack the science behind some of our new health ranges in store. From getting to grips with gut health to discovering whyplant diversity could be the key to supercharging your diet, this is your ultimate guide to eating well in 2024 and beyond. No more fad diets. No more confusing information.Just incredible M&S food and hundreds of tips, tricks and hacks to make eating well every day as easy as it is delicious.PLANT-POWERED AVOCADO TOAST, P14THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE2"