b"SATURDAY PLANT POWERSIMPLY THE ZESTLOVE YOUR LEGUMESMore fruit and veg equals moreAdding beans or lentils to your favourite plant diversity. Try our high dishes is a simple shortcut to increasing protein maple pancakes (280g)plant diversity. Throw chickpeas into topped with in-season bloodcurries, add lentils to bolognese, stir oranges, clementines and grapefruitborlotti beans into pasta sauce, toss plus natural yogurt for an epic weekend breakfast.butterbeans into salads or blitz beans into tasty dips. For 3 PLANT POINTS more diversity, try a tin of our Eat Well mixed beans (1.20, 400g). 8 PLANT POINTS THE SPICE IS RIGHTSUNDAYBoth fresh and ground spices count towards your weekly plant intake. Stock up on our brilliant spice blends, from Caribbean curry powder and ras el hanout to fajita seasoning (78g).0.25 PLANT POINT GO NUTSNuts and seeds contain protein, fibre, healthy fats Plant point calculations account for individual recipes onlyand minerals. Try adding a spoonful of our super CHOCS AWAY seeded nut butter(4, We've got good news: dark chocolate,340g), which contains peanuts, which is made with ingredients thatsunflower, chia and golden come from the seeds of a tropical fruit, linseeds, to smoothies or porridge.counts towards your plant intake.5 PLANT POINTSEnjoy in moderation, and opt fora bar with at least 70% dark chocolate, such as our bean-to-bar single originDISCOVER MORE75% dark chocolate (3.25, 100g). Follow us @marksandspencerireland0.25 PLANT POINTOnline at marksandspencer.ieTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE15"