b"5 5 CONTENTSGUT HEALTH Read up on gut health with Professor Tim Spector's simple guide, then discover the revolutionary new ZOE x M&S Food Gut Shot.ZOE CO-FOUNDER10PROFESSOR TIM SPECTOR GIVESPLANT POWERUS THE LOWDOWN ON GUT HEALTH Why unlocking plant diversityis key to good health, plus hundreds of ways to up your plants in ourweekly inspiration planner.17PROTEIN 101Discover why protein matters (according to a nutritionist)and 20 delicious and easyways to get your daily fix.COntEnts23FERMENTATIONAll you need to knowabout fermented food anddrinks, including our Happily Fermented kombuchas.25LOW ALCOHOLWhether youre doing DryJanuary or want to cut back on 26 alcohol in the long term, wevegot plenty of drinks ideas soyou need never compromise. 28MORE TO DISCOVERFind out the other ways M&S Food is 10 helping you kick-start your healthy eating for the new year and beyond. THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE3"