b"COCKTAIL? YES LOW ALCOHOLYOU CAN! These low-alcohol versions of our iconic tinnies are made in the same way as their boozy counterparts, so there's no compromise on tasteLets get fizzical!Looking for a low-alcohol alternative to sparkling wine? We've worked with a fantastic producer who slowly ferments premium Darjeeling tea over several weeks to deliver two complex and delicate new tinnies. Choose from our Collection low alcohol Frizzantea brut 4.50 (250ml), a lightly sparkling tipple flavoured with peach and blackcurrant, or Collection low alcohol Frizzantea ros (4.50, 250ml) with hints of red berries and smooth vanilla. Sipped chilled straight from the can, they're perfect for parties.Fresh and fruityIf you love our classic cocktail tinnies, these low-alcohol versions are a great alternative and taste amazing, so you won't feel like you're missing out. Our refreshing 0.5% low alcohol pink passion star (3, 250ml) blends passion fruit and raspberry juices with a real botanical distillate made from lavender, cardamom and pink peppercorns with a hint of vanilla. Our 0.5% low alcohol peach sunset (3, 250ml), meanwhile, is a fruity combination of peach pure along with white grape juice and complex distillate (made by distilling a selection of botanicals). We'll drink to that.DISCOVER MORE T NAME HEREPRODUC xx, weight/size etcFollow us @marksandspencerirelandOnline at marksandspencer.ieTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE27"