b'GUT HEALTHJARGON BUSTER PREBIOTICSPrebiotics are food for your gut microbes. Theyre typically found as fibre in many different plants. Its important to eat a variety of prebiotic Know your probiotics foods to ensure youre nurturing your PROBIOTICS many different gut microbes. Research from your polyphenols?Foods with beneficial living bacteria thatfrom the British Gut Project, a leading Get to grips with gut healthcan travel to your gut and, if consumedgut health study led by Professor Tim with ZOE Co-Founderin adequate amounts, provide some Spector, and the American Gut Project health benefits. To get the maximumclearly showed an association between Professor Tim Spectorsbenefit, eat little and often. Fermentedeating 30 different plants per week simple definitionsfoods can serve as natural probioticsand better gut health, compared with and can therefore benefit your healthpeople who ate fewer plants.in a variety of ways, for example by improving your digestion and promoting a more diverse gut microbiome. My favourites are the 4 Ks: kimchi, kefir, kraut (as in sauerkraut) and kombucha. THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE8'