b'PLANT POWERGOOD TO GOGrab our Good Gut mango and passion fruit kefir overnight oats (3.75, 200g)TUESDAYfor breakfast. With creamy oats, tropical fruit, gut-friendly kefir, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, its a source of fibre and low in saturated fat.PLANT PICKY TEA4 PLANT POINTS Serve up a picky tea with plant-powered appeal: top our SOUPER BOWL reduced fat houmous (2.60, Our Eat Well protein power230g) with Mediterranean nuts curried sweet potato, turmericand seeds (5.50, 150g) and a and cauliflower soup (600g) isdrizzle of extra virgin olive oil. sunshine in a bowl. For an extraServe with a selection of veggies boost, top with our toasted mixed such as roasted baby carrots, seed topper and fresh coriander. peppers, celery and tomatoesalong with our sesame and 9 PLANT POINTSlinseed crackers (210g) andM&S jarred roasted peppers.26 PLANT POINTS WEDNESDAYGET YOUR OATS Plant point calculations account for individual recipes onlyStart your day witha bowl of Good GutEAT THE RAINBOWmultigrain porridgeTHE BIG FREEZE Incorporate different (4.50, 500g). It hasStock your freezer withcolours and try swapping oats, pearl barleyveggies for speedyout meat for tofu in your flakes, oat bran, work-from-home lunches.dinner. Our Stir Fry Dine In rye flakes, goldenTry our frozen chargrilled(9, serves 2) is the ultimate ready-in-a-flash linseeds and spelt flakesthey allMediterranean vegetables (3.75,midweek meal. Our picks? The rainbow count towards your plant target.500g) with our grains and greens mix,vegetables, chilli and coriander soy chunks, Serve with pomegranate seedsand a drizzle of our Collectionand high-protein lentil noodles along with a and berries for extra fruit.Calabrian chilli paste. squeeze of lime.9 PLANT POINTS10 PLANT POINTS 12 PLANT POINTSTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE13'