b"plant powerWith new plant-rich products and the best fresh produce across the M&S Foodhall, it's easy to up your plants.Rebecca Brown, M&S Senior Nutritionist T he advice to eateasier than you think. Fruit and veg, your five-a-day nuts, seeds, wholegrains, pulses, coffee is important to and more count towards your plant follow, but a newpoint target. Colours can be counted recommendationseparately, toofor example, adding abased on emergingred and a green pepper to a dish counts sciencesuggests you should also aimas two different plant points. As a guide, to eat 30 different plants each week. one whole food ingredient (like broccoli At M&S, we're passionate about plantor lentils) counts as one plant point, diversity. We stock an array of qualitywhile pured or powdered plants as well fresh produce as well as some ingeniousas smaller quantities of herbs, spices plant-packed products throughout ourand extra virgin olive oil generally count Foodhall, so it's easier than ever to eatas a quarter of a plant point. Stick to your 30-a-week. Look out for our Freshwhole foods as much as possible. Market Specials at the front of the store every month for great prices on the bestALL ABOUT DIVERSITYin-season produce, as well as ourThere are lots of small tweaks youRemarksable Value range, which helpscan make to boost your plant diversity. you stock up on M&S Select Farms fruitSprinkle nut and seed mixes on top of and veg at everyday low prices. Studiesporridge or yogurt or add mixed beans show that increasing the number ofand pulses to stews and curries. Enjoydifferent plants you eat can boost thea rainbow of colours by adding fruit like diversity of the bacteria in your gutsliced apple or grapefruit segments to microbiome, leading to a happier gut.salads, scattering over fresh herbs to finish your dishes, or adding diced tofu EVERY PLANT COUNTSfor substance. Feeling inspired? Keep Eating 30 different plants a week mayreading for our Plant Power Challenge, seem like a big challenge, but there arefull of tips, hacks and easy swaps to help so many delicious varieties out there, itsyou up your plants.THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE10"