b'Simply the zestOur 0.5% lemon & rosemary botanical (22, 70cl) is a citrusy low-alcohol spirit with classic Mediterranean flavours of zesty lemon and aromatic rosemarywith a hint of juniper. Top up with soda, a dash of sugar syrup and a generous squeeze of lemon and serve in a long tumbler for a mocktail version of a Tom Collins.THATS THESPIRIT Berry good Feeling spicy? A great alternative to gin, our 0.5%Our 0.5% golden spiced strawberry & basil botanical (22,botanical (22, 70cl) has 70cl) is a low-alcohol spiritwarming notes of cinnamon, flavoured with juicy strawberriesallspice and gingerwhy not and fresh basil alongside extractstry it with ginger ale as a Words: Alison Walkerof blackcurrant for a final fruity,delicious alternative to spiced Our low-alcohol botanicals are craftedtart twist. Pair it with M&Srum?For an alcohol-free elderflower tonic and garnish withversion of the classic Cuba in copper stills and contain bespokefresh strawberry slices and aLibre, mix with cola and a blends of top-quality ingredients handful of basil leaves. squeeze of lime in a tumbler.THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE26'