b'PROTEIN7AM11AMTOMMY FURYWHAT I EAT IN A DAY 3PMThe boxer and M&S Food ambassador on how he fuelsup for a busy day in the ring12PM7PMBased on the high-calorie diet of a professional athlete. 7AM: BREAKFAST 11AM: SNACK 12PM: LUNCH 3PM: SNACK 7PM: DINNERM&S high proteinM&S sweet and saltyM&S high proteinM&S chilli andM&S fajita mix with maple pancakes withtrail mixmeatball pastacoriander kingsteak and high vanilla yogurt, peanut"I definitely need"I\'m in the gym mostprawns "After training,protein tortillas.butter and honey.something to snack ondays so need quickthese are a great way"I\'m learning to cook "I want breakfast thatafter training. Theselunches with balancedto refuel. I need to getwith the M&S chefs, so gets fuel in the tank.nuts have protein and aprotein and carbs, andin lots of calories, soI\'d put my skills into I\'ve got a sweet toothbit of chocolate I\'m a massive pasta fan,I might have somethingpractice to make this, so I\'ll add honey, fruitthey\'re that ideal mixso this is the idealsweet, some fruit or anthen finish with some and vanilla yoghurt." of salty and sweet." lunch for me." energy bar alongside." ice cream for pud."THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE19'