b'GUTFEELINGS ONE BOTTLE =ONE DELICIOUS DAILY SERVINGOur exclusive M&S Food x ZOE Gut Shotis packed with 5 billion friendly live cultures. Drink a bottle a day to kick-start your morningT he M&S Food x ZOE Gut Shot is a little bottle with big benefits. When we were looking to create the ultimate Gut Shot, we went to ZOE, the nutrition science company co-founded by Professor Tim Spector, for their help. Together, we\'ve bottled up ZOE\'s expert scientific research with trusted M&S quality to create a delicious daily shot packed with over 5 billion friendly live cultures from 14 strains of bacteria. The creamy kefir-based drink is made with blackcurrants, strawberries and blueberries. Each M&S Food x ZOE Gut Shot contains one serving, and it\'s designedto be enjoyed once a day. The M&S Food x ZOE Gut Shot is unique," says M&S Drinks Product Development Manager Claire Richardson. "It contains a mix of live cultures from 14 different strains, as well as fibre, calcium and colourful fruits. And theres absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners, artificial gums or emulsifiers. What\'s more, because it\'s from M&S, you know it will taste amazing too. Its creamy yet tart, with a hint of ginger and lemon for a fiery kick, adds Claire. Pick up in store now for a daily way to help support your gut health. Intrigued to learn more about why gut health matters? Keep reading for our expert knowledge and easy ideas to help you be good to your gut. M&S Food x ZOE Gut Shot, 3 (150ml)'