b'GO WITH THE GRAIN THURSDAYGrains such as barley, quinoa and rye flour count towards your weekly target. Try toasting rye bread then topping with smashed avocado, radish, watercress and our wild garlic and rosemary nuts with seeds (200g) plus a drizzle of olive oil.8 PLANT POINTS SAY THE HERB Both fresh and dried herbs count. Blitz 60g of toasted mixed seeds andpumpkin seeds (100g) with2 cloves of garlic and 40g each of mint, basil and parsley plus 125ml olive oil. Try swirled through soups or stews. MEGA MUESLI 5 PLANT POINTSWith sprouted wheat flakes, prunes, bran, wholegrain, mixed seeds and barley, our Eat Well high-fibre fruit and bran muesli (600g) is a cereal with a difference. Top with frozen fruit, like our dark sweet cherries,and yogurt.14 PLANT POINTSFRIDAYSMELL THE COFFEE BOOST YOUR BREKKIE TOP TOPPINGSYou might not expect it, Top our Good Gut naturalAdd toppings to soups,but coffee beans are thekefir yoghurt (2.75, 50g)dips and salads to increase seeds of the coffee berry, sowith fruit and our Good Gutyour plants. Try rye bread your morning cup of javaget going berry boosttorn then toasted in the counts as a plant point. Try topper (4.50, 90g). It hasoven with extra virgin olive our single origin Peruvianhemp, chia and linseedsoil, mixed seeds (4.00, coffee (4.25, 227g), whichwith goji berries, acai and200g) toasted with nigella and cumin has notes of dark chocolate andbanana powder.seeds, or finely chopped fresh mint and almonds and is delicious sipped black.10 PLANT POINTSparsley with lemon zest and capers.1 PLANT POINT 4 PLANT POINTSTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE14'