b'WHAT IS PROTEIN?fish, dairy and eggsknown as completeexercise. If your exercise routine increases, Protein is made up ofproteinsbut plants, such as legumes andyour protein requirement may need to building blocks calledpulses, can also be a source of protein.increase too. Choosing a meal thats rich in amino acids. Becauseprotein after exercise is often advised, as theyre what we callMIX IT UPit aids recovery and reduces the risk of essential, these cantAs a rule, aim to include a range ofinjurythink a beef stir-fry with plenty of be synthesised by the body, so need to beproteins in your diet, including those fromveggies and noodles. *Based on Reference Intake (RI) set at 0.75g ofprotein per kilogram bodyweight per day for adults.incorporated into our diet. The amountplants, such as chickpeas and lentils, you need is different at various stages ofwhich are higher in fibre and lower in fat.STRIKE A BALANCEour life, with younger children and infants,Because plants are not complete proteinsThere are lots of nutrients to consider breastfeeding women and older adultsin the same way as those from animalwhen it comes to getting a healthy, needing more. In the UK, most people aresources are, try to eat a combination ofbalanced diet. We have a range of getting the recommended 50g per day ofplant-based proteinssuch as grains andproducts at M&S to help you get the right protein per adult*. legumes. You dont need to do this atbalance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit every meal, just aim to eat a range ofand vegetables, and dairyturn the page EATING FOR ENERGY different proteins throughout the day.to see some of them. Aim for variety and Protein is an important macro nutrientfocus on adding more foods that nourish and essential for the growth and repair GET MOVINGyour body, rather than restriction. Look of the body and for providing us withProtein is also important because it helpsfor our Eat Well seal of approval so you energy. Common sources include meat,our muscles to repair and recover afterknow youre making a healthy choice.A BALANCED PLATEFollow our handy visual guide to get the right nutrients into your diet BEANS, PULSES, FISH, EGGS, MEAT AND FRUIT ANDOTHER PROTEINSVEGETABLESOIL ANDPOTATOES, BREAD,SPREADS RICE, PASTA AND OTHER STARCHY CARBOHYDRATESDAIRY AND ALTERNATIVESTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE18'