b"Gut health is all about having goodGUT digestive health and supportingthe different types of bacteria found in your gut microbiome. ZOE Co-Founder Professor Tim SpectorhealThG ut health is a buzzword thats everywhere right nowbut what does it actually mean?In a healthy gut, the ratio of 'good' to 'bad' bacteria is key, explains author, nutrition scientist and Co-Founder of personalised nutrition company, ZOE, Professor Tim Spector. Your gut microbiome impacts your overall health and plays an important role in several functions of the body, including your immune system and metabolism. MICROBIOME MATTERS The precise mix of microbes in your gut directly influences your health, says Tim. Some microbes are beneficial and others less so, as the chemicals they release interact with different organs in the body. Tipping the balance in favour of harmful species of bacteria can contribute to several health conditions, from obesity to autoimmune diseases. GOOD GUT NEWS Improving your gut health needn't be complicated. Eating a good quality diet that's focussed on whole foods and rich in fibre is one of the best ways to improve your gut health, says Tim. Keep reading to discover Tim and ZOE's top tips for good gut health.WHO IS ZOE? ZOE are gut health experts and personalised nutrition pioneers. By understanding your body with their world-leading science, ZOE transforms your health, inside-out. Head to zoe.com for more.Portrait photography: Kareem AbdulTHE M&S HEALTH GUIDE5"