b"20 Discover moreFollow us @marksandspencerirelandOnline at marksandspencer.ieWAYS TOEAT MOREPROTEINFrom quick-fire dinners and grab-and-go lunches to sweet treats and fuel-you-up breakfasts, these just-landed products are high in protein and seriously delicious 1 2 3 High proteinKorean-style chicken egg wrap. Fiery marinatedchicken, slaw, red Chicken shawarma, 8.50Chilli cheese clouds, (20g) pepper and chilli (400g) Smoky higher-welfare An innovative new style of mayo and spinachchicken, roasted onions, lentilhigh-protein snack, made within a clever-carbtabbouleh and red peppercreamy, 100% baked cheddaregg wrap with 23g sauce, with 36g protein andcheese and a sprinkling ofprotein. But hurrytwo of your five-a-day.chilli flakes.it's a limited edition. 4 5 6 7Vanilla high protein yogurt,Thai green salmon, 8.502perfectly poached eggs,Naked chicken kebab salad, 2.00 (200g) (400g) Responsibly sourced(136g) Say bye to poached (310g) The takeaway fave Gorgeously creamy vanillasalmon, cauliflower rice,egg peril and hello to set reimagined:chicken, yogurt, sourced just for M&Sbroccoli and Thai green sauce,white and runny yolk everycauliflower couscous and from a sustainable Somersetwith 30g protein, 15g clevertime with these pre-poachedtahini yogurt dressing, with dairy, with 25g protein per pot.carbs and two portions of veg. free-rangeeggs.21g protein and clever carbs.THE M&S HEALTH GUIDE20"